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Network Alert - 2020-03-28 04:07:00

Please note that we are currently experiencing issues with one of our international upstream providers.
Currently there is no affect to our Network and this is just an advisory post.

Please ensure you are making use of our DNS servers in order to maintain optimal performance

Their Technicians are currently working on the problem.

Currently there is no ETR. We are monitoring the situation and will update accordingly..

Q1: How do I track the progress of my fault/activation OPEN

The progress of a fault logged for your connection or the activation of your ADSL circuit can be tracked by selecting the "Check my progress" option under the "My Account" tab on our website or simply click here to go directly to the progress page.

Q2: How do I set up my router? OPEN

Our routers are pre-configured so once you receive delivery of your router, it is simply a matter of :
* Connecting your ADSL line to your router
* Then your router to your computer.
For those that want more information about manually setting up the router please click here.

Q3: How do I top up my account? OPEN

There is no need to contact us just to top up. Avoid hold times and top yourself up. Your gigs are in your hands.

Step 1:
Log on to the Cybersmart website

Step 2:
Under the My Account Tab click on "top-up"

Step 3:
Type in your ADSL account name and password

Step 4:
Choose how many gigs you want, accept the Terms and Conditions, click on "top up" and you're done. It's that simple.

Step 5:
Restart your router to complete the process.

Q4: What are my E-Mail settings? OPEN

If your domain is hosted with us and you should be using pop3.domainname to retrieve email - your smtp server should be smtp.domainname

If you have a address you should be using the following pop/smtp details:

Our pop3 server is :
Our smtp server is :

If you are using a Cybersmart ADSL account, your smtp server should be :

If your ADSL user name is - your smtp server should be :

For details on how to set-up your email address on a Black Berry device click here.

Q5: How do I upgrade my account? OPEN

Your circuit speed can be upgraded by selecting "Upgrade line speed" option under the "My Account" tab on our website or simply click here.
Should you wish to upgrade your package/account this can be done by sending an email to with your request.

Q6: What does the information in the connection logs mean? OPEN

Port-Error:Connection - the line dropped because the exchange side closed the connection. This is only a problem if there is a high number of these errors.

User-Request:PPP-Rcv-Terminate-R - This means that the connection was ended by the user, either by powering down or disconnecting the router. This could also mean that there might be a problem with the equipment.

User-Request:Call-Disconnected - the router closed the connection.

Access-Reject - You will only see this in the connection logs on two instances, either the incorrect password was entered or the account was locked.

Admin-Reset - The connection has been reset as requested by admin

Q7: Why are my P2P downloads (Torrents)slow? OPEN

We manage certain protocols during the day, like p2p and automated downloads in accordance with our Acceptable User Policy. Dependant on your product and line speed, these protocols are deprioritised at certain times of the day. Please see information about our products and their performance here.

Q8: How do I reset my password (Email and ADSL)? OPEN

Your password for your ADSL can be reset via the website by selecting "Change ADSL Password" under the "My Account" tab on our website

Your password for your Email can be reset via the website by selecting
"Email" under the "My Account" tab on our website and then selecting the "Change Email Password" option

Please remember that in order to change your passwords, you need your ADSL username or email address and current password. Alternatively you can contact our support centre and one of the agents can assist with changing the passwords for you.

Q9: What are the terms and conditions for ADSL usage? OPEN

Click on the following link to view Cybersmart's Acceptable Usage Policy.

Q10: Which ADSL package is right for me ? OPEN

For information about our products and their performance click here.


Check your ADSL usage statistics to avoid running short before the end of the month. view >>


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Check your ADSL usage statistics to avoid running short before the end of the month. view >>