Capped Fibre Services

If you know what your data usage per month is, then these capped fibre services are the perfect choice for you.
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What is TFTTH?

TFTTH is the Openserve Fibre offering and works in much the same way as ADSL. The only difference, of course, being that the service is now piped through fibre, whereas ADSL runs on the old copper infrastructure.

What is the difference between TFTTH and ADSL?

TFTTH is connected via current last mile infrastructure into the High Speed Fibre Network. The only difference between ADSL and TFTTH is that the TFTTH technology offers higher data speeds than current ADSL packages.

Can I use my current ADSL router?

To use Fibre you need a special E-WAN router as a standard ADSL router is not equipped to accommodate fibre. You can use a Fibre or E-WAN router other than the standard Openserve routers.

What is the process from order to login onto the fibre powered internet?

The service application is submitted to Openserve. Once received by Openserve a coverage check is run with your details to ensure you are in an area where TFTTH is available. If the service is available in your area, Openserve technicians will start the installation process at the premises. The installation involves running fibre through the walls of the premises, as well as trenching from your inner boundary to said wall. In the event that additional trenching is required, excess installation charges will be incurred.

Do I need to keep my land line?

The choice is yours. You can keep your landline and use it as you always have. You can also order VoIP (Voice over IP) services directly from Openserve, much like the regular landline. Cybersmart’s Lightspeed service also offers stand-alone VoIP contracts. To find out more about the Cybersmart Lightspeed services, please visit

What is the contention ratio of TFTTH?

The TFTTH service is a best effort service. Contention ratios are not guaranteed and may vary from time to time.

Is the service symmetrical - are the upload and download speeds the same?

TFTTH is an asymmetrical service. Thus the upload and download speeds are not the same and may differ from time to time.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions not mentioned here please send us an e-mail.