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1. Spends the end of every month trying to use your full allowance by downloading things you will never need

2. Travels a lot and doesn't have the opportunity to use your full allowance each month

3. Uses a lot in some months and very little in other months

... this service is for you !


As a Cybersmart subscriber, every month you are given an amount of data that you can download by surfing the internet or fetching your emails. The amount given to you is measured in terms of Gigabytes (Gigs). On our normal service any portion of your allowance that you don't use during the month cannot be used in any month after.

Cybersmart has now introduced a revolutionary new concept we like to call CapSaver to help you save your unused Gigs for the months that you may need them.

By using CapSaver, you deposit your unused data into your very own "Giggy Bank" which is safely stored there until you need it. Because at Cybersmart, we know that each of you are different. You can save as much gigs in your giggy bank for as long as you want.



R21 per month
for 1 GIG CAP Account.


R59 per month for all other CAP sizes.

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Please note

There is a R200 downgrade fee to convert back from Cap Saver to a regular account.

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