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Night rider

only R25 per month

What is "night rider"?

As a Cybersmart subscriber, every month you are given an amount of data that you can download by surfing the internet or fetching your emails. The amount given to you is measured in terms of Gigabytes (Gigs) and is referred to as your Cap. Cybersmart has introduced yet another revolutionary new concept, the Night Rider facility. By paying an extra monthly fee of only R25, you can get 5 TIMES your Cap if you Use the internet between 12:30am and 7:00am (Night Rider time). This means if you have a 3 Gig cap and you use the internet in Night Rider Time only, you will be able to download 15 Gigs, which effectively means you get 15 Gigs for the price of 3 Gigs.


In order to subscribe to this service you need:

An ADSL circuit with Cybersmart

If you are not sure whether your ADSL circuit is with Telkom or Cybersmart, don't worry, continue with the application. If your line is still with Telkom, we will ask you to fill out another form which will move your line to Cybersmart.

There is NO downtime , the only difference is that the fee for the ADSL circuit rental will be billed by Cybersmart and not Telkom.


I want to download the latest movies without wiping out my Cap, will this service help me?

Absolutely - just schedule your downloads during Night Rider time by using a download manager such as flashget.

I want to backup my PC to an offsite facility without wiping out my Cap, will this service help me ?

Absolutely - just schedule your backup during Night Rider time.

Upgrade My Account

Please note

There is a R200 downgrade fee to convert back from Night Rider to a regular account.

Just fill out this form and we'll upgrade your account for you immediately.
If you have forgotten your password please contact us on 086 100 3278