Service Notices


2017-04-09 11:06:00


There is a cable break on the Seacom undersea cable system located West of Djibouti, in the Red Sea.

The break occurred on 8 April and no Internet traffic has been available on the Seacom system since.

Don't worry, we buy capacity on multiple cable systems so that we can offer uninterrupted service without speed degradation during these force majeure events. Your service was switched over automatically onto WACS, when the break occurred and will continue to run on WACS until the Seacom break is repaired.

We will keep you posted with regards to repair times as soon as we are updated by Seacom.

2017-04-23 20:15:00


One of our telco partners are currently experiencing an outage in the following areas, Durban Pine Town, Ermelo, Middleburg and Piet Retief.

Lightspeed customers in these areas will experience no connectivity.

Their technicians are working on the problem, currently no ETR